Be Wheeling is a project promoting active living and healthy training for people with a disability.


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Are you in a wheelchair or limited in the mobility of your lower limbs? Do you want to get in shape or maintain your fitness in the comfort of your own home? Be Wheeling is for you!!

BeWheeling is an original idea by Geneviève Hallé, with a goal of sharing and community building without pretension.

By trying out a few gym subscriptions and doing several Internet searches for adapted training programs, I realized there was not much interesting or challenging offered to people in my situation. I thought about what I would have liked to find and decided to build it myself by embarking on this adventure. My motivation is to evolve Be Wheeling to best meet the needs of a community with whom I can share and grow.

In order to start this adventure with us the right way, I encourage you to take a look at our tips and advice. This will provide you with some tools that may help in your daily activities!


In order to build a healthy and balanced workout, the site has 6 main exercise categories: yoga, muscular, stretching, cardio, balance, and in pairs. Each movement is filmed individually, allowing you to choose those that suit you, according to your abilities. New videos are added to the site regularly.

If you have pain, it is best to avoid the exercises and treat them in the first place to avoid making things worse. Consult a health professional as needed. If an exercise causes pain, avoid this one.


Exercises to decrease your stress level


Exercises to restore tension in your body


Cardiovascular exercises to increase your energy level


Exercises to strengthen your stabilizing muscles

Ball Massage

Self-massage techniques to reduce tension and increase mobility